Verosol is the inventor, specialist and continues to be the world leader in metal backed shadecloth. Put simply, Verosol roller shade fabrics give you the best thermal and glare reflection values of any flat fabric in the world.  The threat of thermal gain and damage to occupants through glare is a permanent and ongoing issue in the design of buildings, especially those in the commercial and education sectors.  The way that the metal backing is applied to our fabric allows you to design without compromising, as the internal face colour choice has (unlike any other roller shade) minimal impact on either the thermal or glare response, whilst maintaining a view to the outside to assist with occupant comfort.

Our CPD covers human response and need for daylight, the essentials in designing your daylight strategy, early collaboration for artificial lighting and HVAC effect, and automated controls to maximise the benefit to both utility cost in the building, and occupant comfort.