This is an invitation to discover new business opportunities, and to develop new metallised products with extraordinary properties. You could even create a whole new range! Imagine that your next product is made of a textile with an ultra-thin layer of aluminium. Imagine the new features, new looks, and new variety this could bring. The sky is the limit! 

Unique material

An ultra-thin aluminium layer on roll-to-roll materials, that’s what Verosol’s metallisation process can bring. Our unique method, strong cohesion and thorough aluminium covering are the fundamentals for producing high-end performance materials without compromising on properties like structure or flexibility. That’s why Verosol’s metallisation process is versatile in so many ways.

Unique properties

Metallised textiles can have unique properties, with a thin metallised layer adding new dimensions and performances to your product. Here we offer you some suggestions, and welcome you to explore other properties that may be useful for your specific line of products or industry.

Unique possibilities

There are countless new possibilities within reach thanks to the many known and yet to be discovered properties of metallised textiles. Verosol can work with all sorts of roll-to-roll materials with  various structures and densities. Our machines can handle substrates up to 3.2 metres in width. Small limited editions or large volumes? Everything is possible!

Unique process

Verosol’s unique metallising technology creates textiles with unparalleled performances. Every step of the process is taken care of inhouse, from metallising and quality checking to additional treatments and packaging.

Unique cooperation

Verosol has its own R&D department to help you discover and develop products to the highest standards. Verosol is a world leader in metallised solar screens and has over 50 years of experience in metallising textiles. Verosol cooperates with companies in many other industries, such as the fashion, outdoor, aviation and aerospace sectors. We are ready to partner with your company, to share expertise and explore new opportunities together!