Verosol Heat & Light Kit 2.0


We have redesigned the Heat & Light Kit to be smaller, more lighter and more cost effective. It is the best sales tool in the industry and it has proven itself as a powerful way to demonstrate the functionality of our metallised fabrics. The new Heat & Light Kit will definitely help your selling story to come to life and involve your prospect.”

"Suitable for cabin freight"

The Verosol Heat & Light Kit is made from Olive ash hardwood that give the case a beautiful natural look. Due to its small size, it is easy to take with you to your customers




The suitcase is equipped with a variety of fabrics. Beautifully cared in an aluminum frame. This makes it possible to explain even better what is happening  when light is being absorbt or when light causes Glare.

The Heat & Light kit comes with an Raytek MiniTemp MT4 Infrared thermometer. Adjustable in Fahrenheid and in Celcius.

Also included a Digital lux analyser LX1010BS with Lcd screen.

Custom-made durable rigid foam inlay

Foldable lamp arm

Safety switch

Fire retarding inlay protection

Stainless steel cover

Anti fingerprint varnish


Olive ash hardwood frame


''Managable & Lightweight''

''Removable savety belt shoulder strap''

The new Verosol Heat & Light kit. Only €500