Verosol. Expand your comfort zone.

Architect / Designer

Verosol is a specialist in the design and manufacturing of functional indoor solar shading fabrics. Verosol continuously innovates to offer the highest performance in sun and daylight control to create a more sustainable building environment.


Regulating the heat and light creates significant energy savings as well as a much more comfortable environment for occupants. In addition to this, our fabrics meet the most demanding green building standards and certifications.

Consumer / Projects

Verosol high-performance fabrics are a natural choice for those who are searching for excellence in performance, technology and appearance. Discover the endless possibilities through our worldwide licensee-network for global distribution.

  • Verosol 3M+

    Verosol brings a solution to the growing size of windows!

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  • Verosol Heat & Light Kit

    Compact, Technical and Fasionable

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  • The sky is the limit

    Imagine the possibilities of metallised fabric

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About us

Our story started back in 1963 when Cornelis Verolme, the famous Dutch shipbuilder sailed into New York Harbour and marvelled at the imposing skyline. He noticed that the towering skyscrapers of New York were mostly clad in glass and thought how difficult it must have been to keep them cool in summer and warm in winter.

Cornelis became passionate with the idea of finding a solution to this problem and experimented tirelessly with many ideas and concepts.

In 1965 Cornelis established the Verolme vacuum metallising company and developed a process, still unique today, of applying a microscopic layer of aluminium to textile.

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