Twin pleated

Two pleated fabrics in one product for optimum day / night light regulation and heat / cold protection.

A Verosol product that really offers a total solution. Two fabric types are combined in one product.
So you can, for example, combine an block-out fabric with a transparent fabric.
During the day you can lower the transparent fabric. This allows you to filter sunlight and to control the heat ,
as well gives as looking inside from outside, while you keep a good view of the outside world from the inside.
In the evening you drop the opaque cloth so that you have enough privacy.
A Twin Plissé is very easy to operate.
Pleated curtain is easy to install.
A plissé of 2000 mm high is stacked only 50 mm high and offers uninterrupted views from your home or office window.
The hardware is made from recycled aluminum.
For an uninterrupted view from your home or office window.

Profiel guidance

Verosol pleats can be placed in a guide profile up to a width of 1500 mm. On flat ground the plissé with side guide can then be mounted without screws but mounted with tape.

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VeroFit frame

The Vero-Fit variant is specially for tilt and turn windows. The plissé is delivered completely in a frame that can be attached to the windowframe with magnetic tape.