Vario pleated

Verosol’s Vario Pleated Blind combines the soft appeal of a curtain with the versatility and simplicity of a blind. The ideal solution for heat and light control, and the blind almost disappears when lowered or raised. You have the option to raise the blind in the conventional way or drop towards the window sill.

The Duo Pleated Blind is an ideal solution where privacy and/or ventilation is required. Simple and elegant, with a small stack height and short projection, giving you an uninterrupted view from your home or office window.  Useful for sash windows or when privacy is required down low but sunlight is required.

Pleated Blinds with Guide Wires are a great idea when installing blinds on internal doors, as well as an ideal solution for boats and motor homes.

Profile guidance

Verosol pleats can be placed in a guide profile up to a width of 1500 mm. On flat ground the plissé with side guide can then be mounted without screws but mounted with tape.

VeroFit Frame

The Vero-Fit variant is specially for tilt and turn windows. The plissé is delivered completely in a frame that can be attached to the windowframe with magnetic tape.